Wood Hood Ghillie Bungee Strap Accessory


For the discerning trail cam enthusiast who needs optimum protection and theft deterrence,

we offer a seven-inch bungee strap accessory.


Ghillie Bungee Strap Benefits:

Wood Hood Ghillie Bungee Strap Accessory

Inserts into specifically-designed slots in your Wood Hood Trail Camera Protector.

Allows for foliage to be attached directly to the outer surface area to provide additional camouflage.

This additional visual staging will make stand-alone cameras or cameras located in public areas to be all but invisible to the naked eye.

It could also help you keep your camera “eye” hidden from that seasoned “Big Buck” that tends to be a bit more elusive to the average trail cam!

100% money guarantee so if a hood cracks or breaks , just send me a pic and I’ll send a new one right out . And if the customer is not satisfied with the product , just return the unaltered hood or hoods and I’ll reimburse them .

Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × .5 cm


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